A Thousand Thanks!

A thousand thanks to these fabulous folk for supporting the Beautify Britain campaign, from Folkestone in Kent to Carlisle in Cumbria. Find yourself & give me a ‘follow’! 🤣

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Rubbish Ruth ‘rambled’ back to Redruth after roaming 400 miles by free bus pass, raising funds for Redruth United Football Club’s desperately- needed new clubhouse. Please keep those contributions rolling in!!

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Mutual Appreciation!

In the spirit of Co-operation! Rubbish Ruth supporting Jim McMahon for the 4th July election whilst receiving amazing support from Oldham Labour Party for the Beautify Britain campaign. Cheers! 🙌

Don’t Look Back In Anger….


This is the place where we drop lots of litter,

Walk on it, side-step it, kick in the gutter,

Rush past it, don’t notice it, leave for another,

Don’t worry, don’t care & don’t even bother.

But this is the place we could set a new trend,

Learn how to ‘pause’ and learn how to ‘bend’.

Learn how to put all our grot in a bin,

Every package and paper, carton and tin.

The Manchester bombing, 22nd of May

Killed 22 beautiful people that day

So let’s make it a vow that we’ll clean up the streets,

Of fag ends and bottles and wrappers of sweets

A vow to be certain we’ll never forget

By making our country more beautiful yet

Every street, road and pavement a beautiful view

To remember the beautiful, loved, twenty-two.

From Redruth United Football Club.

Post from Redruth United Football Club:

Thank you so much Ruth! ❤

One of Redruth United’s supporters and well known member of the local community, Ruth Major has completed her mission.

Please see her journey where Ruth travelled across England from Folkestone to Carlisle using her free bus pass in 21 days!

Ruth has been raising money towards our new clubhouse at the club, if you could donate that would be hugely appreciated.


If you see Ruth in town please stop and say Hello 👋