Mutual Appreciation!

In the spirit of Co-operation! Rubbish Ruth supporting Jim McMahon for the 4th July election whilst receiving amazing support from Oldham Labour Party for the Beautify Britain campaign. Cheers! 🙌

Don’t Look Back In Anger….


This is the place where we drop lots of litter,

Walk on it, side-step it, kick in the gutter,

Rush past it, don’t notice it, leave for another,

Don’t worry, don’t care & don’t even bother.

But this is the place we could set a new trend,

Learn how to ‘pause’ and learn how to ‘bend’.

Learn how to put all our grot in a bin,

Every package and paper, carton and tin.

The Manchester bombing, 22nd of May

Killed 22 beautiful people that day

So let’s make it a vow that we’ll clean up the streets,

Of fag ends and bottles and wrappers of sweets

A vow to be certain we’ll never forget

By making our country more beautiful yet

Every street, road and pavement a beautiful view

To remember the beautiful, loved, twenty-two.

From Redruth United Football Club.

Post from Redruth United Football Club:

Thank you so much Ruth! ❤

One of Redruth United’s supporters and well known member of the local community, Ruth Major has completed her mission.

Please see her journey where Ruth travelled across England from Folkestone to Carlisle using her free bus pass in 21 days!

Ruth has been raising money towards our new clubhouse at the club, if you could donate that would be hugely appreciated.

If you see Ruth in town please stop and say Hello 👋

Carlisle & Gretna

Carlisle & Gretna.

BBC Radio Cumbria live studio interview with Steph (HUGE THANKS AGAIN!) & a bus trip to Gretna Green for a brief encounter with a bloke from Belgium! #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #carlisle #cumbria #gretnagreen #scotland #uk

Day 21!

Day 21: Whitehaven to Carlisle – my final destination!

Left only a shadow & £20 (2 nights) at Orchard Court. Whitehaven to Workington to Carlisle. 2 buses, 1 Wetherspoons, 1 fabulous frog bin, stunning scenery & sunshine all the way! An amazing trip meeting amazing people. Final statistics to follow! #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #cornwall #carlisle #cumbria #uk

Kayla Made made my day!

Thank you for your very kind words and amazing support Kayla Made
What a magical moment we shared yesterday! (See below)

One of the most successful markets to date. I have enjoyed every second of the experience.

The best part was meeting this beautiful soul. As soon as we started speaking I could see how much the planet, our environment and people meant to her. I could see myself within in this ladies reflection and it was an honour to learn about you and your movement. I have never felt so at peace and comfortable talking to someone about my passions and love for the world.

Everybody meet Rubbish Ruth’s Rambles. This lovely lady has an amazing story to tell and i suggested you all go follow her and read about it.

Thankyou so much Ruth, you really have brightened up this already bright woman’s eyes.

Day 20!

Day 20. A wonderful day in Whitehaven with wonderful people willing to promote the campaign. Thank you to Ashleigh, Carter, Julie, Graham, Josh, Dave & #Kaylamade
1 bus, 1 Wetherspoons, 1 magical day! ✨ #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #cornwall #whitehaven #cumbria #uk

Day 19!

Day 19. Left only a shadow & £10 at Lakehead Court. Keswick to Workington to Whitehaven. 2 buses, 1 Wetherspoons, 1 bus ‘talk’, stunning scenery, and ANOTHER Radio Cumbria interview. Thank you Steph! #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #cornwall #whitehaven #cumbria #uk

Day 18!

Day 18. Left only a shadow at Tarnbrook Court. Morecambe to Kendal to Keswick. Radio Cumbria interview, 3 buses, 3 bus ‘talks’, 2 Wetherspoons & in the dock at the Chief Justice Courts for stealing rubbish off the street!#beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #keswick #cumbria #uk