BBC News!

A thousand thanks to BBC News for their recent coverage of the Beautify Britain campaign which has provided wonderful publicity across the whole country. (Please see the link below)
The number of new followers and messages of support for a simple idea which can change our environment has been overwhelming. “I have a dream” that every citizen will join me in picking up 1 piece of rubbish (at least!) every day. We are a nation of amazing people and I’m sure that, with this fantastic support from the BBC, we can return our countryside to its original, green and pleasant land. Small actions make big impacts! Thank you to the BBC, thank you to you, the great British public and best wishes for a truly beautified Britain in 2024. Let’s do this! 💚


Boxing Day! A Bank holiday ….. but you can still bank on Britain being blighted! 😵‍💫 #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk

Happy Christmas!

This week’s photo of my 22 pieces in memory of M/cr’s beautiful 22, taken with Chris in the Cancer REsearch Charity shop. Brilliant RESearch banner cREated by Make A Mends is a REdruth REminder to be charitable to one another. Happy Christmas everyone! #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk

Meet Nick!

Meet Nick, another of our brilliant Biffa boys, beautifying our beautiful town – but being outdone by this unREachable bag! Nice effort, Nick, but we can’t win ‘em all!! Season’s greetings and enormous gratitude to all the teams who REmove REdruth’s rubbish on a REgular basis – apart from this one! 🤣#beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk


Donation 101❣️Blood is desperately needed at this time of the year and donation centres are open until late on Christmas Eve. This festive season, please try to give the best gift of all – the gift of life! 🙏 Tel: 0300 123 2323 #blood

Retrocede & Reminisce!

Steve’s House Clearance Store is this week’s focus for my 22 pcs. to Beautify Britain in memory of M/cr’s 22. REtro poster, cREated by Make A Mends, REminds us to REscue, REuse & REpurpose. REtrocede & REminisce with Steve, a REmarkable REseller in REdruth. #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk

What, When, Wear!

Cracking night in Kresen Kernow to launch the wonderful What,When,Wear’s ‘REcollect’ exhibition. Great display, great sketch (the Vivian sisters) and great refreshments. And a great chance to promote my campaign, dressed in REcycled, REmastered, REmodelled REmnants.Never miss an opportunity! 🤣#beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk

All Power to ‘Flower Power’!

This week’s 22 pieces in memory of M/cr’s 22, photographed at ‘Flower Power’ on Fore Street.
‘Regrow’ banner REdesigned by MakeAMends is a RElevant REpresentation of REdruth’s REmarkable REtail outlet, full of fabulous offerings for festive times. #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk