Bequeath to the Beautify Britain bin!

Janet’s 4 (+1) + Angela’s 10 + Ruth’s 22 = 37 pieces of rubbish bequeathed to the Beautify Britain bin this week. Please post a pic of the pieces you’ve picked. Between us, can we bequeath 60 by Sunday? #pickanumber #pickitup #popitinabin #postapicture and #BeautifyBritain

What’s Next, Rubbish Ruth?

A thousand thanks to the amazing Steve Hill MBE for this amazing and inspirational inscription in his amazing new book, “What’s Next Sir?”

So, what’s next for Rubbish Ruth? She’s going to take a leaf out of Steve’s book, be inspired by his determination, keep being the difference that makes the difference, dream big and Beautify Britain.

Anything is possible!

Talking a load of rubbish….again!

Easing myself back into public-speaking with a small, selective group of lovely ladies at St Andrew’s Church Craft Festival in Redruth. Huge thanks to them for their interest and enthusiasm 🙏 . #BeautifyBritain #pickanumber #pickitup #publicspeaking