Aunty Ali!

7th January 2024

This week’s ‘22 pieces’ picture, in memory of M/cr’s 22, taken at Aunty Ali’s Raw4Pawz shop, REcently RElocated to Grambler Farm in REdruth. A tREasure trove of tREats your furry friends won’t REsist! #beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk #raw4pawz #furryfriends

Another Interview!

3rd January 2024

BBC Radio Cornwall!
Tune in at 0:41:22 minutes for my chat with Julie Skentelbery yesterday. She’s an amazing interviewer and her enthusiasm for promoting the Beautify Britain campaign is palpable! Thank you, Julie! You’re a star! 🌟

Click the link:

Happy New Year, 2024!

1st January 2024

Happy New Year….
to all the wonderful followers of the Beautify Britain campaign. As I write, new people are pledging their support and I’m delighted by the interest, enthusiasm and kind words of encouragement to make our beautiful country more beautiful yet. Thank you and a big welcome to the campaign. 🙏
Thank you, also, to the BBC for their amazing commitment in spreading awareness across the country…and it continues tomorrow (2nd January) with a live interview on BBC Radio Cornwall, shortly after 10.a.m. I’ll be talking rubbish, as usual!🤣
My best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy & prosperous 2024 …& a cleaner country! 💚