Rewind Radio Review!

Thank you to Rewind Radio for their very discreet interview of the Rubbish Robbers and maintaining their anonymity as they stole the show! 🤣

“A big thank you must go to Rubbish Ruth’s Rambles for coming in yesterday to talk with Richard and Theresa with the Rubbish Robbers!

We loved having you in the studio with us 🤩”

Rewind Radio….

The Rewind Radio interview today was followed by an ‘identity’ parade! Fortunately the Rubbish Robbers couldn’t be recognised so they were all released without charge -except for that woman in the middle. She’s a load of rubbish 🤣🤣🤣 #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday #redruth #cornwall #uk


This week’s 22pieces in memory of M/cr’s 22 beautiful people. Photo by Phil at the REdruth Art Room near the REjoice banner REdesigned by Make-a-Mends. REjoice in you cREativity, your REsourcefulness, your  REinventiveness & your REgeneration! 

#beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday#redruth #cornwall #uk #nationwide

Rubbish Ruth & the Rubbish Robbers, rubbish robbing in the rain!

#beautifybritain #1pieceofrubbish #pickitup #everyday#redruth #cornwall #uk #nationwide

Redruth Local Heroes!

Calling all local heroes! 🏆 Nominations for the Specsavers Redruth Local Hero Award are officially OPEN! 🎉

Whether it’s yourself, a friend, a new business, or an inspiring group making waves in our community, now’s the time to shine a spotlight on their incredible contributions. Nominate online or grab a paper copy from the Redruth Library and let’s celebrate the unsung heroes among us!

The winner of the 2023 Environment and Climate Change Hero Award was Rubbish Ruth’s Rambles a.k.a Ruth Major.

Ruth had been working for 7 years to try and encourage people to pick up rubbish as part of the ‘Beautify Britain’ campaign. She travels around spreading the word about protecting the environment and engaging with local groups to support the idea that everyone can do something towards a cleaner and safer world. She believes that everyone can pick up at least one piece of litter a day and that small actions make big impacts.

Now, we’re on the lookout for the next hero to honour. This year, Environment and Climate Change Hero Award has been sponsored by Tesco

Or get a paper copy from the Redruth Library & Information Service
If you have a nominee in mind or need some inspiration, drop their name in the comments below. Let’s shine a light on those making a difference in our town! 🌟🏅

Released without charge!

The Rubbish Robbers, ‘arrested’ earlier, had told the truth about their purpose for roaming around Redruth. They were released, without charge, just in time to participate in the St Piran’s day parade – incognito of course! 🤣