Redruth Reinvents!

Photo of last week’s 22 pieces to #beautifybritain in memory of M/cr’s beautiful 22, taken in Murdoch House where he invented gas lighting. The REinvent banner REpurposed by Make-Mends is REdolent of REdruth’s REadiness to REinvent itself. REal change is afoot!

Imminent Arrest?

The Rubbish Robbers appeared for questioning by James Dundon at BBC Radio Cornwall. Their only ‘crime’ was to give away information about stealing from Redruth’s streets. As they were ‘unrecognisable’ they were soon set free but Rubbish Ruth might be arrested for showing her face! 🤣🤣🤣

Sacks of Swag!

The Rubbish Robbers did a superb job of steeling sacks of swag from Redruth’s streets today. They bagged an amazing amount of booty but to avoid arrest their identities must remain restricted!!🤣

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A rubbish response!

My plea for equipment for the Rubbish Robbers received an amazing response from Redruth’s residents who promptly rallied round. A thousand thanks to:

Tanya Blackman for litter picks and hoops,
Jan Driver for Hi-viz vests,
Warriors Garden Centre for 100 strong black bags,
Dean Bridgen of Interior Solutions for protective gloves.
Ayeasia McIntyre for litter picks with moving parts made out of recycled NHS masks!….and
Redruth Revival CIC for a large cash donation.
Time to stop ‘begging’ and start ‘robbing’. Watch this space!💚

Rubbish Robbers’ Rendezvous!

Rubbish Ruth’s ‘Rubbish Robbers’ rejoicing after a management meeting! We need gloves, litter picks, black bags and bag hoops. Think I need to go begging before we can start ‘robbing’!!!🤣

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The Remarkable’Rubbish Robbers’!

“Amazing meeting such a nice person like RubbishRuthsRambles keeping our country clean”

Lovely words from one of the remarkable ‘ Rubbish Robbers’. Thank you, Stevan! It’s been amazing to meet such a nice group of guys like yourselves. You’ve now reached 1,000 responses on Social Media and a crazy amount of praise from followers of the Beautify Britain campaign. What a team!🙌👏👍🌟