Bus Pass Trip 12

05/08/18 Bus Pass Trip 12.  Final Day –  Folkestone to St Pancras to Euston to Manchester to Oldham. Sadly I had to pay on the trains!

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04/08/18  – 2 minute beach clean at Whitstable in Kent. A plastic toy,polystyrene food container, ketchup sachets and the inevitable bloody plastic straw!

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03/08/18 Day 6 A day without buses but not without picking. #2minutebeachclean at Folkestone.

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02/08/18 Day 5 Windsor to Heathrow to Croydon, to London Bridge to Folkestone. 3 buses, 1 Library, 3 Wetherspoons & 2 trains to visit a friend.
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02/08/18 Day 5 Washed, dried & changed the linen (mandatory!) at Bowes Lyon Close, Hanover Housing, Windsor. Left only my shadow & £20.
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01/08/18 Day 4 Henley-on-Thames to Reading to Bracknell to Windsor to Eton! 3 buses, 3 Wetherspoons, wonderful weather and a whole lot of walking. I’m rubbish at using Google Maps!

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01/08/18 Day 4 The Youth of today, giving me hope… Lovely young lady lifting litter in Reading before hopping on the bus to visit her sick Nan! Bless her!

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01/08/18 Day 4 Left only my shadow & £20.00 at Hanover House, Henley-on-Thames. Opulence at a bargain price!

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31/07/18 Day 3 Bus Pass trip 12, Day 3. Left only a shadow & £10 at Runnymede Gardens, Hanover Housing, Northampton.
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30/07/18 Day 2 Bus Pass Trip 12, Day 2…Loughborough to Leicester to Market Harborough to Northampton. 4 buses, 1 Library, 3 Wetherspoons!!!
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30/07/18 Day 2 Left only a shadow & £15 at ‘heavenly’ Hanover Court, Loughborough…but forgot to take a photo of my ‘shadow’!!! I’m rubbish!

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29/07/18 Day 1 Leaving the Manchester ‘Au-Bee’ and my bee-utiful, bee-loved city & buzzing off again! Bee prepared for more pics of me bee-ing an industrious worker bee…..I’ll bee busy picking up lots of poll(en)uting rubbish! Must ‘fly’…there’s work to bee done!!!

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28/07/18 🎶 All my bags are packed,
I’m ready to go……
I’m leaving, on a Bus Pass…🎵

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