Jordan, Egypt, Oman on a Passage to India.

13th January, 2019

East meets West on a “Passage to India”.

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12th January 2019.

Home safely, with the great words of Ghandi forever etched on my consciousness:
“Be the change you wish to see”.
India has a lot to teach us! 🙏

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Ancient and “modern” minarets at Qutub Minar, Delhi.
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19th January 2019
Tiny bits of tat at the Taj Mahal!
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Abandoned piece of paper in Emperor Akbar’s abandoned Fatehpur Sikri Fort. ‬
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Junk in Jaipur…jettisoned!
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5th January 2019
Manic Mumbai! 22 million people, several million vehicles, stray dogs, sacred cows, polluted atmosphere, a cacophony of car horns, ‘suicidal’ pedestrians & no Highway Code! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world! 😎
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4th January 2019
Punched paper in Porbandar…a minute drop in the proverbial ocean of litter in India!!!
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2nd January 2019
Making myself useful in Muscat!
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1st January 2019

Celebrating the NewYear with lots of glitter litter 🤩

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28th December 2018
                                             Oh, Man! We’re in Oman! 🚢☀️😎
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27th December 2018
World Class rubbish in a world class bin on a world class ship
for a world class trip!
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25th December 2018
Merry Christmas everyone…from somewhere in the Red Sea,
                                       off the coast of Egypt!😎😎😎
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21st December 2019
21st century hieroglyphics littering an ancient Egyptian Temple.
                 Ramasses the 2nd would have turned in his sarcophagus! 😡
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18th December 2019
Picking up in Petra- Bedouin style!
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17th December 2019
Jordan! An amenable man in Amman took this pic of me picking!
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