Thank you!

This week, due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’, the #1PieceOfRubbish campaign received an enormous and most welcome boost as huge numbers of ‘rubbish’ friends and fellow twitterers mounted a remarkable rally of support.  This campaign has always been about improving the environment for every person and every creature, not only in Oldham but throughout the nation and, dare I say, across the world. No-one can do everything but everyone can do something and you have all encouraged that principle by continuing to be loyal and active eco-warriors.  Support comes from a wide variety of areas including businesses, commerce, schools, volunteers, charities, local communities and individuals who are all concerned about the environmental quality of our town and country.  It has been so rewarding and encouraging to know that the campaign will continue to flourish and grow exponentially, due to the dedication and devotion so recently displayed by you all.  Thank you!

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