A Thousand Thanks!

2 planes, 3 trains, 26 buses, 5 trams, 10 car journeys, 1 motor home and 1 boat, all adding up to 4 weeks of fun, staying in 3 Hanover guest rooms, 1 posh hotel, 2 campsites, 1 layby, 1 pub car park, 1 supermarket car park, I static caravan, my son’s flat in London and visiting 4 local libraries, 1 theatre and the wonderful British Library. I travelled through 20 counties, walked underneath the river Thames, flew over the English Channel (returning from the family holiday on Rhodes), crossed the Menai Straits, swam in the sea and floated on a Unicorn!

I loved every minute of catching up with old friends in Greater Manchester, joining Steve Hill MBE for a Team Hill litter pick in Oldham, visiting the wilds of the Welsh Coast, researching my ancestors, receiving a beautiful ‘Beautify Britain’ sign designed by Emma Griffiths and watching The Lion King in the Lyceum Theatre where my great-grandmother’s nephew performed in 1910.

As ever, I picked up a load of rubbish, talked a load of rubbish, shared loads of ‘rubbish’ cards and cajoled and persuaded people to join the ‘rubbish’ campaign – and smile for the camera!

A thousand thanks to all my friends, followers and fellow litter pickers for your posts, tweets, retweets, and messages of encouragement and for ‘liking’, ‘loving’ and ‘sharing’ my social media posts, all of which helps to publicise the campaign. I’m sorry if I haven’t thanked you individually but I sincerely appreciate every one of you.

My travels through our beautiful countryside have been amazing. What a way to kickstart my post-Covid rambles, reboot my genealogy research and introduce the Beautify Britain campaign to the country!!!

I love you all for ‘travelling’ with me. 💚 Thank you!