Don’t Look Back In Anger….


This is the place where we drop lots of litter,

Walk on it, side-step it, kick in the gutter,

Rush past it, don’t notice it, leave for another,

Don’t worry, don’t care & don’t even bother.

But this is the place we could set a new trend,

Learn how to ‘pause’ and learn how to ‘bend’.

Learn how to put all our grot in a bin,

Every package and paper, carton and tin.

The Manchester bombing, 22nd of May

Killed 22 beautiful people that day

So let’s make it a vow that we’ll clean up the streets,

Of fag ends and bottles and wrappers of sweets

A vow to be certain we’ll never forget

By making our country more beautiful yet

Every street, road and pavement a beautiful view

To remember the beautiful, loved, twenty-two.